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17 Empowering Communities to Realise Climate Potential Fachforen Block 1

Empowering Communities to Realise Climate Potential (M-Ebene)

Fachforum des Partnerlandes Irland, es wird eine Simultanübersetzung Englisch-Deutsch angeboten.

Organizing organization: Department of Rural and Community Development, Ireland

The climate transition and the actions required to achieve it will affect all of our lives, but rural areas face potentially greater impacts arising from geographic, demographic and historical factors.

Rural communities are best-positioned to influence the development of sustainable initiatives in their localities as part of a wider place-based approach to rural development which will empower communities to face the challenges brought about by climate change and to seize the potential of the opportunities that emerge.

This session will focus on how Ireland, through its national rural policy Our Rural Future and other initiatives, is enabling communities to devise and deliver projects focused on economic and social sustainability and environmental wellbeing, from renewable energy to rural transport and more.

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